• What We Do

    1. Supervise, verify and monitor the execution of all GOB and private cadastral surveys.
    2. Execute surveys on national lands.
    3. Examine and authenticate plans for all legal surveys.
    4. Prepare cadastral and update Landfolio Cadastre and produce copies of cadastral maps covering the entire country at different scales.
    5. Maintain and provide information on the horizontal and vertical control network to which all surveys are tied.
    6. Preparation of descriptions for lease fiats.
    7. Prepare grant fiat plans.
    8. Preparation of permission to surveys

    Main Duties

    • Authentication of Private Plan from Licensed Land Surveyor.
    • Survey of National Land.
    • Update of Landfolio via mutation.
    • Prepare Grant Fiat and Lease fiat description from National Estate
    • Section.
    • Maintain and Provide information on the horizontal and vertical control
    • Network.
    • Provide Copies of Entries and Survey plans.