• What We Do

    Services Offered at the Land Registry Section

    The Belize Land Registry records the details of all land transaction within the Compulsory Land Registration area, together with a Landfolio Interactive Map which indicates (and in certain cases defines) the boundaries of each individually owned parcel of land.

    Registration of land Transaction is the Primary work of the Land Registry. Land Transactions include:

    1. Transfer(sale) of land, condominiums(strata’s)
    2. Leases
    3. Subdivision/Combination
    4. Mortgages & Charges
    5. Easement (Right of way)
    6. Restrictive Covenants (Estate Rules, Rights to do something or Restriction not to do something.
    7. Caution (a “warning” that a right, often the right to purchase, exist.)
    8. Changes in ownership by death, trust or other powers.
    9. Other specialist transactions, such as restrictions.
    10. Receiving searches applications.
    11. Registration of Strata Plan
    12. We also offer advice to our customers through our publications and enquiry services and through the day-to-day handling of applications.
    13. We provide factual information including official copies of registers, title plans and documents, searches and details of our forms and fees. We provide procedural advice to explain how the land registration system works and how to make applications correctly. We do not offer legal advice.

    In addition to the Registration of land transactions, the Land Registry also undertakes the following services, for which a fee may be payable:

    1. Provision of Land Registry information to the general public, including copies of the Land Register and Registry Maps, and supporting documentation.
    2. Maintenance of a Strata Plan Book, including the By-Laws of a Strata.
    3. Inspection of land/lease registers (now broadly obsolete).

    A statutory fee is payable to view or receive a copy of each and every Registry documents.

    Other Services Offered at the Land Titles Unit

    The Unit is tasked with recording all dealings in unregistered land, and more so with preserving such public record. Key processes

    1. Recording of deeds of all nature
    2. Registration of First Certificate of Title
    3. Registration of Transfer Certificate of Title
    4. Issuing Duplicate Certificates of Title
    5. Recording Bills of sale
    6. Recording Leases and Grants under the National lands Act