• Customer Service Unit

    The customer service department is committed to the maintaining, and improving the delivery of the quality, efficient and effective services at the Ministry of Natural Resources.


    • Develop an environment conducive to effective and efficient customer service delivery.
    • Take customers concerns seriously by documenting and addressing their problems in a timely manner.
    • Improve overall productivity and service delivery.

    The Customer Services Department is responsible for:
    1. Receive applications as outlined below:

    • Permission to Survey
    • Lease Application
    • Application to Purchase
    • Transfer of Land

    2. Record document movement so that documents can be tracked to ensure they move efficiently through the system.

    3. Log visitors and follow up to ensure efficient customer service delivery.

    4. Manage customer’s complaints and inquiries.

    If you require any clarification or if you have any queries relating to the services we provide to our customers, please contact the Department’s Customer Service personnel (contact details below).

    Customer Service Phone Numbers:
    We welcome your comments, suggestions and views on any aspect of our service. <customer.service@mnra.gov.bz>