• Land Information Center

    The LIC is the spatial data repository responsible for the generation of resource maps, statistics and analysis, to support Land management activities.

    Key Products

    • Baseline Map (roads, rivers, villages, etc);
    • Cadastral Maps for towns, cities and major villages;
    • Protected Areas Map;
    • Land Use Map;
    • Natural Vegetation Map;
    • Agricultural Values Map;
    • Flood Risk Map;
    • Land System Map;
    • Watershed Map;
    • Special Development Areas Map;
    • Soil Map;
    • Mangrove Map;
    • Topographic Map;
    • Hurricane Tracking Map;
    • Registration Section Map;
    • Electoral Division Map;
    • San Pedro Vulnerability Assessment Map
    • Satellite Imagery (Landsat, Ikonos, Aster);
    • Other client specific maps

    These products are available to other Government Agencies and stakeholders through the office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys.