• Hydrology Unit

    The Hydrology Unit in the Ministry of Natural Resources’s objectives are:

    1.) To collect data on the quantity, quality and variability of Belize’s natural water resources.

    2.) To provide Hydrological Investigations for engineering and other water resources projects such as:

    • Urban & rural water supply
    • Irrigation & drainage for agriculture
    • Hydro-electricity
    • Bridges
    • Highway drainage

    3.) To create publications of hydrological & water resources information for the benefit of water users.

    4.) To advise government on watershed management, environmental concerns and disasters such as:

    • Floods
    • Droughts
    • Water pollution

    5.) Coordinate the Development of the National Water Master Plan and Vulnerability profile.

    6.) Water Safety Plan

    The aims of the Hydrology Unit are:

    • To assess the nation’s natural water resources
    • To monitor changes in these resources
    • To investigate uses of these water resources
    • To publish hydrological information

    Functions of Hydrology:

    • Data Management
    • Planning
    • Water Allocation
    • Water Quality – Protection
    • Technical Assistance
    • Water Conservation
    • Public Awareness

    The Hydrology Unit is also responsible for the issuance of Permission to drill (Groundwater) and Water Abstraction Licences in accordance with the National Integrated Water Resources Act No 19 of 2010.

    Permission to Drill and Water Abstraction Licence Application forms

    1. Application for Permission to Drill
    2. Application for Water Abstraction Licence
    3. Application for renewal of Water Abstraction Licence