• Forms

    Land Registry Department Application Forms
    1.  Transfer of Land
    2. Transfer of Lease
    3. Transfer of Charge
    4. Transfer by Chargee in Exercise of Power of Sale
    5. Transfer of Profit
    6. Transfer by Personal Representative to a Person Entitled Under a Will or an Intestacy
    7. Lease
    8. Charge
    9. Discharge of Charge
    10. Surrender of Lease
    11. Grant of Easement
    12. Grant of Profit
    13. Release of Profit Easement of Restrictive Agreement
    14. Application for Partition
    15. Power of Attorney
    16. Notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney
    17. Application to be Registered as Proprietor by Transmission
    18. Caution
    19. Application for First Registration
    20. Notice of Intention to Appeal to the Supreme Court
    21. Application to Inspect the Register
    22. Application for Certified Copy
    23. Application for Official Search
    24. Certificate of Official Search
    25. Odd form
    26. Application to Combine-Sub-Divide Parcels of Land
    27. Variation of Charge
    28. Transfer of Undivided Share
    29. Deletion on Death of a Joint Proprietorship
    30. Forfeiture of Lease
    31. Termination of Lease
    32. Withdrawal of Caution
    33. Rectification of the Register
    34. Restriction
    35. Restrictive Agreement
    36. Collateral Charge
    37. Application for Prescription
    38. Variation of Terms and Conditions of a Charge
    39. Variation of Lease
    40. Removal of Restriction
    41. Inhibition
    42. Removal of Inhibition
    43. Declaration Form
    44. Application for Land Certificate
    45. General Power of Attorney
    46. Conversion of Title
    47. Application for Un-Certified Copy
    48. Appointment of Receiver
    49. Removal of Receiver
    50. Termination of Official Search
    51. Partial Discharge of Charge
    52. Discharge of Collateral Charge
    53. Consent to Rectify the Register Form (portion of land)
    54. Consent to withdraw Transfer fo Land