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    The In-house Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Natural Resources operates out of the Central Administration of the Ministry. The office of the Legal Counsel provides legal advice and assistance in all areas of operation, including: the Lands and Surveys Department; the Hydrology Unit, the Mines and Minerals Unit, the Solid Waste Management Authority, the Human Resources Department, and the Accounts Department; and works closely with Commissioner of Lands and Surveys, the section heads in the Lands and Surveys Department, and other Heads of Departments of the Ministry; in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Ministry.

    The office of the In-house Legal Counsel generally provides legal services and addresses the legal questions and concerns that arise from time to time within the Ministry, and related statutorily bodies. Specific work includes but is not limited to:

    1. Assist with management and deliver monthly legal reports for management meetings
    2. Interpret legislation
    3. Analyze legal disputes with a view to advice appropriate solutions
    4. Provide legal training
    5. Prepare and update operational manuals
    6. Liaise with the Attorney General’s Ministry to defend lawsuits against the government
    7. Draft contracts
    8. Draft legal correspondences
    9. Provide advice regarding staffing disputes
    10. Attend conferences of a legal nature