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    Public Announcement

    Water Abstraction

    March 16, 2015. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture takes this opportunity to inform the general public of the issue of Water Abstraction Licences and other necessary permissions needed.

    Under the Water Industry Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Belize, Part V, Chapter II, Subsection 61: “Subject to the provisions of Sections 27 and 60 of this Act, no person shall abstract and use water, and construct works thereof in respect of a controlled area or a controlled use or a controlled class of uses of water except under and in accordance with a license for the purpose granted to him by the Minister under this Part”.

    The Hydrology Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, under the authority of the Water Industry Act, CAP 222, Part III, Section 14 Subsections (2) and (3), requires all entities to apply for a Water Abstraction Licence where the water source is limited to a natural water body: surface or groundwater. With the aforementioned said, kindly be advised that all such water abstraction activities require a Water Abstraction Licence from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture.

    Kindly note that the minimum timeframe allotted for any Water Abstraction Licence, Permit, and consent takes approximately six (6) weeks from the receipt of the application. It is advisable to apply for requisite permissions from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture within this timeframe.

    Kindly be advised that (1) filing of water abstraction licence application does not exempt the applicant from obtaining the requisite permission from other water management entities. (2) The construction or erection of structures along waterways requires permission from the requisite regulatory agencies.

    For more information, kindly contact the Hydrology Unit at the Ministry at telephone number (+501) 828-5044 or at principal.hydrologist@mnra.gov.bz

    From the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture